What I like most about working with Brigid is her delightful sense of humour and her kind but firm pragmatic approach.

She has the voice of a delightful fairy, but the hard-nosed sense of a sage.

If you’re looking to work with Brigid, you can expect to do some real work and get some real results. She works with alternative modalities of healing that produce noticeable results. This is not airy-fairy stuff.

She is Determined, Insightful, Solid.

M.L., Toronto, Canada


Since working with Brigid I would say the biggest change is how I am connected to higher spiritual realms. Brigid really helped me through her vision.

I really like is that she is very straight forward – cutting through the crap – going for the core issues.

If you really want to change, on a deep level, she is the one.  She see things…

I really love the depth of her engagement, her vision, and her “Not Born Yesterday” attitude.  She really wants to help and to see people change.

LP Roos, Sweden.


My biggest breakthrough of working with Brigid is getting more clarity about who I am really, where to go to find my power and getting a direction for my future life.

I love her vision, clarity and directness. No talking around things, but addressing topics straightforward, makes working with her very efficient.

My encounters with Brigid are life changing, full of heartness, extremely visionful. 

P. Niessner, Germany


Brigid’s clarity, straightforwardness and punch stand out for me.

I can tell you she is a great practitioner; be prepared that it might be uncomfortable for you at times but the outcome will be so rewarding.

She brings expertise, fire and persistency

Thanks a lot, Brigid, for your holding and your taking care.

Birgit, Munich, Germany.