Six week introductory package

Live Your Outrageous Life

Leave the boredom of your life and career behind.

6 week – Introductory Package.

Boredom Breakthrough – Introductory Package will:

  • give you direct experience your hidden inner landscape to start your journey out of stuckness towards embodying your potential.
  • give you insights and understanding of the patterns and dynamics that are keeping you in boredom.
  • bring you in touch with who you are, below the conditioning that keeps you stuck.
  • enable you to directly experience your essence, those inner resources that you know are there, but cannot access.
  • give you proven techniques that enable you to change your standpoint and change how you engage with life.

Package elements

This highly supportive and transformative package gives you:

  • Six 90-minute Inner Space Techniques sessions that get you in touch with what is really going on below your conscious awareness, and is unconsciously operating in your life.
  • Homoeopathic remedies (as needed) to support your inner journey.
  • A short video setting a context for the work we will be doing together. (Bonus)
  • PDF book (Awakening the Third Eye by Samuel Sagan) with exercises to support the work of the one-on one sessions . (Bonus)
  • Practices to build on the experiences of the one-on-one sessions. (Bonus)

This package lasts for 6 weeks.