Pathways to a boredom-free life.

You are stuck in an unrewarding career. Though you are good at what you do, you are bored and unsatisfied. You have difficulty finding what engages you – really engages you.

You know you have abilities that you haven’t been able to tap into and you don’t understand what is holding you back.

You are tired of being small – you know that it’s not your whole story. You want to stop hiding in the shadows but are afraid to step out and be fully seen. 

AND you believe that nothing can change this, after all you have tried many different tools, paths and methods.

There is hope.  Yes, you can break through the limits that are keeping you stuck in an unrewarding life.

You can leave boredom behind as you discover what gives you joy and radiance, and beauty and passion for living.

Work with me and bring excitement, vibrancy and freedom to every aspect of your life. Awaken your passion for living. Reconnect to your curiosity and connect to what brings you joy and make your life your own work of art.

Why I care? Boredom is my thing.   I work with people who have been stuck in boredom and have tried many different ways to change the landscape of their lives, but nothing sticks – nothing holds.

This is a path that I have trodden myself for most of the decades of my life.  Having found the “cure”, coming to a deep understanding of the mechanisms that underlie this phenomenon, working with clients, I facilitate clients stepping into full, satisfying and outrageous lives.  I have tapped my hidden strengths and abilities, probing the resistant and persistant mechanisms that kept me bored for so long.

The things that I was afraid to look at, or to let be seen, and which kept me stuck in boredom, are my greatest assets. In opening to them, I have been able to shine, have fun and joy – and have a life that is juicy, exciting and very satisfying. A bonus is that work has never been more fun!

The Live Your Outrageous Life system.

The roots behind this kind of boredom are deep and require an intensive inner work, though not necessarily a long term work.  The first requirement is a desire and a willingness to take the steps. 

The Live Your Outrageous Life system, developed out of my own intimate experience of conquering boredom, can take you through these steps into your exciting and engaged passionate life.

The following packages have been designed to accommodate your individual style of work:-

From totally immersive one, or, three day experiences for those bad-asses who have had enough and want to dive right in and hold nothing back to a 6 week introductory package for those who are more cautious in approach, to more extended packages spanning from 3 – 6 months.

The benefits


  • Experience profound realisations, deep opening and real change.

  • Experience the real you inside, beyond your boredom!

  • Discover what is holding you back. Breakthrough the limits that are keeping you stuck in an unrewarding life.

  • Understand what is keeping you stuck, and stop the self criticism.

  • Leave boredom behind as you discover what gives you joy, and passion for living.

  • Tap into the freedom to express yourself fully and freely, and to do what you really deeply desire every moment of your day.

  • Have more fun every day.

  • Have more authentic enriching relationships in every aspect of your life.

  • Experience the real you inside, beyond your issues!

  • Get in touch with and experience your essence, those inner resources that you know are there, but are just out of reach.

  • Receive proven techniques that can change your standpoint. Experiencing new depths of yourself throws a different light on your every day experiences, changing your perspective.

  • access deep levels where root causes reside.

  • address causes rather than symptoms.

  • experience the metaphysical aspects of your nature.

  • come in touch with bigger parts, parts beyond the ordinary mind, states of simply ‘being’.

  • experience the real you … a profound spiritual realization and … the part that can change.

The Packages

One-day Deep Dive VIP day.

For those who are ready to dive in, for an intensive start to your processs, I have put together a package where you will have my undivided attention for the day.   Commencing at 9.00am and finishing at 8.30pm. Lunch and evening meal are included. More

Three-day Deep Dive Boredom Breakthrough Package.

For those who are ready to dive in, holding nothing back, I have put together a more intensive package aimed at not only taking the lid off the underlying problem but to breakthrough some of the significant obstacles to living a fulfilled life. More

Six week introductory package

This Six-week package is designed for those who pace of work is slower and more measured.  More